Online Media Strategy
Build and promote your online business through a strategic framework

Online Marketing Strategy Framework approach for SEO, SMM and Higher Conversion Rate

Why is Online Marketing Strategy Framework approach?

online marketing strategyAn overwhelming amount of information is out there about how to get started with online marketing or social media marketing and the platforms and tools to use. Technology advancements are impacting to change the online marketing environment frequently. The landscape of online marketing is changing at such a fast and furious speed that it is almost impossible to know if the same techniques and tools that apply today will work tomorrow. As a result Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques have been forced to change course in order to maintain search rank and deliver cost effective search results. SEO experts are learning new ways to apply tricks for guaranteeing higher page ranks. That is why it is important to focus on a comprehensive approach to understand online marketing environment holistically rather than just focus on learning new tools and techniques every day.

Fig-1: Some ideas in the new SEO features for 2103 and beyond


Old SEO 


Traffic Focusing on organic traffic from search engines Focusing on social media and referral traffic from various websites as well as organic traffic from search engine
Link building Focus on adding links to directories, participating in link exchange programs and buying links Focus on guest blogging in industry-trusted sites, establishing relationship and managing social media in terms of content publishing
Keyword Research Focus on creating and optimizing content against a list of keywords that are found on several keyword analysis tools Focus on creating and optimizing content against user generated #tags, topics and queries that are found on several analytical tools and social network sites
Content Optimization for search engine – creating titles, headlines and anchor text for keywords to influence search engine algorithm Optimization for users – creating catchy headlines and engaging content with quality and appropriate format for different delivery channels to influence user mind
Social Media Focus on pushing content via social media and getting exposure by liking the content Focus on using social media for communication around content and getting exposure by commenting and sharing


What is Online Marketing Strategy Framework approach?

Online marketing strategy framework is an integrated marketing technique for understanding and implementing online marketing activities and the new SEO features holistically. The marketing strategy framework will give the ability to take a holistic approach by dividing online marketing activities domain into sub-domains for understanding, implementing and managing activities of that particular domain thoroughly; and brought back the knowledge in composition with other domains for understanding sustainable online marketing activities.  The benefit of synthesis into sub-domains and integration through the holistic approach is to gain more comprehensive understanding of online social and technical reality, as well as implementing sustainable SEO features for higher visibility on search results and social sites.

The strategic framework has divided the online marketing activities into four (4) main domains to achieve the overall goals and targets of the online marketing activities.  Each of the domains will focus to achieve their specific objectives and targets; and integrate with other domains through mapped and shared documents for achieving the ultimate goals of the online marketing project.


Fig-2: Holistic approach diagram of Online Marketing Strategy Framework



The focus of the analysis domain is a get comprehensive ideas and strategies about content keywords, content business objectives, content audiences, content competitors, KPIs etc. It will also focus on identifying gap in appropriate and quality content necessary to support online business objectives, improve customer satisfaction and generate business revenue.

This domain will help businesses to a get a clear and broad picture of their – i) online customer demography, behaviors, needs and where they are; ii) online business goals, targets and performance measurement criteria etc and finally iii) content and keywords that are most relevant and important to business for connecting their online visitors and converting them to business customers. The analyze domain will carry out the following analysis for gaining a widespread understanding/knowledge on the content, keywords, customers, business objectives in order to assist for developing, delivering and measuring online media services.

  • Keywords Research and Analysis
  • Link Building Analysis
  • Content Business Objectives Analysis
  • Content Audience Analysis
  • Content Audit

Strategic goal and activities of the Analyze Domain-

Goal – Optimize online audiences, keywords and referral links

  • Keyword Research – Identify, optimize and create list of  keywords and social topics
  • Link Analysis – identify, validate and optimize link assets and opportunities Business Objectives – Identify and refine business objectives with metrics and conversion rate
  • Audience Analysis – Identify, optimize and create profile of audience of the website
  • Content Audit – identify, analyze and refine content gap


The main focus of the development domain is to create appropriate, quality, and optimized content that are more easily shareable and discoverable through social network, blogs and search engine. This domain will also focus on search engine, user and mobile friendly content and website design. The develop domain will carry out the following development activities for publishing content to facilitate search finding and social sharing of optimized content.

  • Content Development
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Usability Audit
  • Content for Mobile

Strategic goal and activities of the Develop Domain-

Goal – Optimize content and increase conversion rate

  • Content Development – develop content for website, social network, email marketing, and other marketing materials
  • Technical SEO audit – validate and fix the technical aspects of SEO
  • Usability Audit – contact usability test – validate website and content design with some set of rules and identify improvement opportunity; usability test; identify improvement opportunity from conversion data perspective
  • Content for Mobile – design content for mobile  and test usability


The main focus of the promotion domain is to deliver and publish social and mobile friendly content to multiple social media channels that business owned. This will also focus heavily on building content links, conducting email marketing campaigns, mobile marketing campaigns and online advertisement campaigns. The promote domain will carry out the following promotional activities for engaging customers with business products and services.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online Advertisement

Strategic goal and activities of the Promote Domain-

Goal – Increase click-through rate (CTR) and content sharing

  • Social Media Marketing – distribute content across social media channels; monitor and conversant  with social network fans, followers, users
  • Link Building – build relationship around content links
  • Email Marketing – setting target and carryout email marketing, generate email delivery reports
  • Mobile Marketing – do mobile marketing
  • Online Advertisement – managing and performing online advertising



Fig-3: Online Marketing Strategy Framework Life Cycle


The focus of the measurement domain is to measure the success of the website content, marketing initiatives, social signals. The core focus should be given on the conversion process and visitor behavior analysis. The measurement will create dashboards for each of the other domain to assist them to optimize their activities. The measure domain will implement the following measure tools and techniques for understanding how online resources are being used, shared, and commented by the online customers.

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Website Analytics

Strategic goal and activities of the Measure Domain-

Goal – Optimize dashboard and KPIs to measure online interactions

  • Configure and implement web analytics tools
  • Filter, segmentation for customization
  • Setting goals and analysis funnels, conversion rate validation
  • Data validation and reconciliation
  • Dashboard for analyze domain, develop domain and promote domain
  • Analyzing and reporting user engagement on social Network Site
  • Analyzing and reporting Social Signals


In summary Online Marketing Strategy Framework is a holistic approach to understand online marketing environment thoroughly; it blends social and search engine marketing comprehensively. The approach will help marketing team to focus on achieving strategic goal for each of the domain, as a result optimized marketing effort and higher conversion rate will be achieved.